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Master bedroom

 Master Bedroom 

Room objects

Washing stand and toilet-ware

A wash stand in a bedroom for a morning wash Hot water from the cooking range in the kitchen was poured into the jug and bowl for washing.
These were kept on a ‘stand’ to make them the right height for people to stand at while washing.

Chamber pot

Chamber Pot, stored under the bed This was used as a toilet during the night and emptied by the maid every morning.

Candle with drip tray

A candle, used for light in the bedroom rather than gas lamps This candlestick holder provided a portable light as a person moved from room to room in the Victorian home.
The wide base, called a drip tray, was designed to catch dripping wax.
Candles were important, even in a house with gas lighting, which was more expensive.

Pocket watch

A gentleman's pocket watch This was also known as a gentleman’s watch and may have been worn by the father in this Victorian house.
The chain was attached to a button and the watch was placed in one of the pockets in the jacket so that it could be easily reached to tell the time.


Carpet - patterned designs were very fashionable This carpet has a pattern with flowers on it.
Floral designs were very fashionable and lots of furniture and fabrics were decorated with flowers at this time.
The carpet helped to keep the room warm and was nice to look at.