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Victorian Kitchen

Room objects

Cooking range

Cooking Range, an oven and hot water system This range has an oven on one side, which was used to cook the family’s meals. It has a tank for water on the other side, which would provide the family with hot water.

Wooden dresser

Wooden Dresser used to store the cook’s supplies and equipment The dresser was used to store the cook’s supplies and equipment, such as serving plates, bowls and cooking utensils.


Iron used by the maids in the household Irons were heated up by placing them near the coals of an open fire. The metal handle was gripped with a padded holder and once hot enough, the iron was used either to make or remove creases and folds from the family’s clothes. Irons were used by the maids in the household.


Jelly, a favourite Victorian pudding shaped in a copper mold A copper utensil was used to make a shaped jelly like this one. It was a favourite Victorian pudding.

Cast iron kettle

Cast iron kettle, used on the range to heat water for drinks This was placed on the cooking range to heat water for hot drinks such as tea.

Cooking Pan

Cooking Pan, made of copper as this heats and cools quickly This was used to cook meat and vegetables. It was made from copper which could easily be heated on the cooking range and also cool down quickly.