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The Victorian family and servants, and the 21st century children

From 2008

Ruby, aged 11.

Ruby, 11-year-old 21st century girl Ruby is in Year 6 and her favourite subject is history!

Michael, aged 18.

Michael, aged 18 and Ruby's cousin Michael is Ruby’s cousin and is a student at the local college.


Sam, Ruby's dog, who hides in the Victorian house Sam is Ruby’s dog. He has gone missing and Ruby and Michael are trying to find him.


Mr Curtis, Father of Alice and Thomas.

Mr Curtis, father of Alice and Thomas, a typical Victorian father Mr Curtis is not at home today as he works in a bank in the City of London.

Mrs Curtis, Mother of Alice and Thomas.

Mrs Curtis, mother of Alice and Thomas, keeps the house running smoothly She is busy making sure that the house runs smoothly and enjoys entertaining guests for tea and dinner.

Alice Curtis, aged 12.

Alice Curtis, 12-year-old Victorian girl Alice is learning to play the piano, she also likes to play with her pretty porcelain dolls.

Thomas Curtis, aged 7.

Thomas, 7-year-old Victorian boy Thomas does not enjoy arithmetic, he prefers to play with his toy soldiers.

Miss Wilson, Governess.

Governess, responsible for looking after the children Miss Wilson is responsible for looking after the children, teaching them good manners, music and other lessons including the three “R’s”: reading, writing and arithmetic (maths).
Miss Wilson lives at Rose Villa.

Hannah Spencer, Maid of All Work.

Hannah, maid of all work, has half a day off every Sunday Hannah does all sorts of jobs around the house.
She works from sunrise to sunset, and has half a day off every Sunday.
Hannah lives at Rose Villa with the Curtis family.

Molly, Cook.

Cook, prepares all the food for the family Molly prepares all the food for the family.
She likes roasting beef, making pickles, and baking pudding and pies.

John Barker, Gardener.

Gardener, grows exotic plants from all over the world John is proud of the exotic plants that he grows in the greenhouse.
The plants come from all over the world, including roses from Asia and the Middle East and camellias from China and Japan.