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Who Stole My Milk?

MA Students from UCL working on the Who Stole My Milk Project

Students from the UCL's Institute of Archaeology MA course, 2012

Who Stole My Milk? Exploring Student Homes in London was a Stories of the World project developed by MA students from UCL Institute of Archaeology in collaboration with Geffrye Museum staff to highlight and document an environment so familiar yet undefined: the student home. The project invited its audience into the idiosyncratic and international world of student homes in London, where shared and private spaces generate conflict, compromise, cultural exchange, and friendship, where personal identities are forever shaped, and where students discover the important elements that make a house a home. The project comprised:

  • Primary source research and documentation of four student house- and flat-shares in London.
  • An exhibition of graphic panels in the concourse area that explores the many facets of student homes and shows how students rise to the challenge of creating a temporary 'home away from home'.
  • A programme of events aimed at all ages. 
  • Visitor research into attracting a new type of visitor to the Geffrye Museum: the student!
  • A series of online resources to support the project, including an interactive floor plan, and a digital story.


UCL Insititute of Archaeology