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The World At Home

Students from the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, working on At Home with the World project at the Geffrye

Students from the UCL's Institute of Archaeology MA course, 2011

The World At Home was a Stories of the World project developed by MA students from the University College London Insititute of Archaeology in collaboration with museum staff, to research, celebrate and document the story of the museum's collections. It aimed to inspire discussion around the influence that other cultures have had on objects and customs usually associated with the 'typical' English home. The project comprised:

  • An exhibition of graphic panels in the concourse area that explores various objects from the Geffrye collections and investigates how other cultures have influenced the English home through the centuries.
  • A programme of events aimed at all ages and the development of permanent educational resources for children and families.
  • Visitor research into existing visitors’ thoughts and opinions relating to the students' key Stories of the World: London themes.
  • A series of online resources to support the project, including an interactive map, digital slideshow and an exhibition gallery.

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