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Stories of the World ESOL project participant at the Geffrye Museum


Bring your group to the Geffrye, one of London’s friendliest and most enjoyable museums, where you and your group can explore the themes of the home through a series of middle-class living rooms from the past 400 years. 
The museum offers a great language experience for all ESOL learners from Entry 1 – Level 2. It provides tutors with the opportunity to bring the ESOL Curriculum materials and citizenship topics to life. The museum’s content links particularly well with the topics of Homes, Daily Life, British Culture, Free Time/Leisure and even technology. 
We welcome groups of all levels and abilities. Tutors can choose from a self-guided visit or a museum educator led session.

Self-guided visits

We have three resource packs for students at Entry 1, Entry 2 and now Entry 3 students. Each pack contains background notes, pre-visit, visit and post-visit activities. You can download the packs at the bottom of this page, or to request a free pack to be sent to you please contact our Bookings and Information Officer on:  020 7739 9893, e-mail


Museum Educator-Led Sessions 

Room comparison and object handling session

This lively and interactive session enables students to use their vocabulary of homes, furniture and domestic objects through speaking, listening and object handling. It also allows students to practise their numbers, dates and times. It includes:

  • A comparison between an older and newer room to see how lighting, heating, decoration and leisure activities in homes has changed over time.
  • An opportunity for students to work in groups to investigate our domestic object handling collection.

Historic Almshouse Tour

An almshouse room in 1780 - photography Morley von Sternberg

During this session you can visit one of the Geffrye's 18th century almshouses which has been fully restored to its original condition, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of London's poor and elderly in the 18th and 19th centuries. Students will be able to use their vocabulary of homes, furniture and domestic objects through speaking, listening and object handling.  The tour includes:

  • A comparison of the changes in lighting, decoration and daily life between the 18th century room and 19th century room.
  • An opportunity for students to handle and talk about domestic objects.
  • An opportunity to see how Shoreditch has changed over the past 300 years.

Garden Tour

ESOL group visiting the Geffrye herb garden

In this tour your students will have the chance to visit the museum's peaceful herb garden.  They will then make some rosemary biscuits and talk about how they use herbs in their own homes. This session is more suitable for Entry 3 or above students, and allows the group to use their vocabulary of food, health and gardens through speaking, listening and talking.

The session includes:

  • An exploration of the herb garden and period gardens.
  • An opportunity for students to touch and smell the plants.
  • A chance to bake and eat rosemary biscuits.
  • An opportunity to compare the culinary, medicinal, household and cosmetic uses of herbs and plants in England with the use of these plants in the students' countries of origin. (Please note that this session is only available between 1 April and 31 October.

Please book your educator-led session at least three weeks before you wish to visit.  Please contact our Bookings and Information Officer on 020 7739 9893 or email: