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Community and Outreach

ESOL group working on a Stories of the World project

A participant in a Stories of the World project - photography by Em Fitzgerald

The Geffrye is a specialist museum focusing on the homes and home-life of London's middle classes from 1600 to the present day. It is a history based on the theme of home, which is common to all people, and which embraces world cultures spread through trade and travel that remain a powerful influence on English style. 

We work with many different audiences, from early years to older people, schools, families, communities and adult learners, on special projects that explore our collections, displays and gardens in greater depth.

Themes covered in these sessions and projects often include social, design or garden history, but also literature, music, entertainment, communication, technology, and social interaction within the home. These projects also provide an excellent starting point for discussions about home-life past and present, and cultural identity, and offer the opportunity to share stories or have fun together.

Recent sessions have included workshops and talks exploring the history of love, our herb garden, the history of tea, Christmas Past, and eco-friendly homes. Projects have included a family learning project with local Kurdish and Turkish families, a writing club for local elders and a fashion project for young people.