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Room 5

A drawing room in 1830

Room 5 - A drawing room in 1830 at the Geffrye Museum, photographed by Chris Ridley

This represents the drawing room of a London town house. The arrangement of the furniture reflects a change towards a less formal domestic way of life than in the 18th century.

Here any of the family might have been occupied in reading, writing letters, sketching and painting, playing music or entertaining guests.

Regency furniture reflected the increased informality, with comfortable upholstered sofas, light and easily moveable tables and chairs, and low bookcases and cabinets.

The use of exotic woods, brass mounts and inlays and the staining and painting of furniture to imitate more expensive woods were all characteristic of Regency style.

'Londoners Gypsying' ‘Londoners Gypsying’
by C.R. Leslie, oil on canvas, 1820.
Combined games and needlework table Combined games and needlework table
rosewood veneer on mahogany carcase, with brass mounts and inlay, with reading slope, sliding needlework bag, chess and backgammon boards, c1815.
Storm Lamp Storm lamp
bronze, from a design by G.A. Glick, c1810, with replica glass shade.