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Room 1

A Hall in 1630

Room 1 - A hall in 1630

This room represents the “hall” in what might be the home of a London merchant. Panelled in oak, it was the main focus of domestic life, used daily for dining and leisure - gaming, reading and music making. It was also an important room for entertaining guests. Like the parlour and other chambers, it was furnished with some of the best the household could afford.

The beautifully carved oak draw-leaf table could be opened to sit at least ten people. The oak armchair was generally reserved for the head of the household or for a special guest. Other members of the household sat on stools or backless benches which, when not in use, could be stored, or “parked” on their sides, under the table. Decorative objects might have been displayed on the livery cupboard.

Bellarmine - Stoneware bottle, late C16th Bellarmine
Salt-glazed stoneware bottle, known as a Bellarmine, late-16th century
Oak stool. early-17th century Stool
Oak joint stool, early-17th century
Capstan candlestick, brass, made in Holland Capstan Candlestick
Capstan Candlestick Brass candlestick made in Holland, 1600 - 1625