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Herb Garden

Geffrye Herb Garden photographed by Sunniva Harte

Geffrye Museum Herb Garden - photograph by Sunniva Harte

The garden contains over 170 different herbs, and also includes a variety of plants traditionally associated with herb gardens such as roses, honeysuckle and lilies.

The herb garden's 12 beds each contain an informal grouping of herbs which share a common use.

There are beds for cosmetic, medicinal, culinary, household, aromatic and dye plants.

The design is based on a traditional plan of beds intersected by geometric paths, with a fountain in the centre. Three arbours provide secluded seating beneath climbing plants and roses.

Rose ‘Fantin-Latour’, iris, elderflower Rose ‘Fantin-Latour’, iris, elderflower
Photographer: Sunniva Harte
Bronze fountain (detail) Bronze fountain (detail)
designed by ceramicist Kate Malone

Keyhole logo for Geffrye herb garden