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Living room, 1935

A living room in 1935 photographed by Chris Ridley

A living room in 1935 photographed by Chris Ridley

This shows the living and dining room in a purpose built London flat. The architectural style of these new flats was generally either modernist, in smooth, painted concrete with strong horizontal lines, such as Pulman court in Streatham, or neo-Georgian, faced in brick with small-paned sash windows, as at Dolphin Square in Pimlico. The flat provided a convenient urban alternative to the suburban house, particularly for single people or couples without children. Although the majority of flats were small, they were fully serviced with constant hot water, central heating and the latest in electrical appliances. The use of wide windows with horizontal glazing bars was typical, ensuring the maximum amount of light in the home.

This living and dining room, or ‘dining lounge’, is furnished in the Moderne style. Interiors were light with pale painted walls and furnishing fabrics in muted greens, oranges and beiges. There were fewer furnishings compared to earlier in the century and more of the surfaces were plain and smooth.

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