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Hall, 1630

A hall in 1630 photographed by Chris Ridley

A hall in 1630 - photography Chris Ridley

The hall was the centre of the household's communal activities. It was often positioned on the first floor, above the family’s business premises. It was a busy space used for dining, recreation, entertaining, business and childcare. The furniture would have been well used and needed to be sturdy, but also suitably impressive for a room that would have been seen by guests.

The Geffrye’s 1630s room is lined with replica oak panelling, often referred to at the time as ‘Wainscot’ and is based on a sketch made in the nineteenth century of a room in Aldersgate Street, long since demolished. It was a rare survival since the Great Fire of London in 1666 had destroyed almost all the houses in the City.

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