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Visitor in one of the interpretation bays at the Geffrye

Visitor exploring one of our Interpretation bays

Take a moment on your journey through the museum to explore some of these special spaces.


The chapel at the Geffrye Museum

At the heart of the museum, you will find the original almshouse chapel, a beautiful, high-ceiled space complete with wooden pews and pulpit. Almshouse residents were obliged to attend services here each week. 

Garden reading room

The Garden reading room at the Geffrye

Relax in this tranquil space overlooking the beautiful period gardens. Originally built in 1914 as a walkway around the chapel, this timber and glazed structure has also been used as a display area and coffee bar over time.

Reading room

The Reading room at the Geffrye

Pause for a while in the reading room adjacent to the chapel, to enjoy our fascinating display of paintings depicting home life from 1600 to 1900.

20th century paintings room

The Burleigh Family taking tea at Wilbury Crescent Hove by Charles H H Burleigh

Located next to the 1990s room in the contemporary wing, this space features our 20th century paintings of interiors. Don’t miss Thomas Dugdale’s evocative ‘Arrival of the Jarrow Marchers in London’ or ‘The Burleigh Family Taking Tea at Wilbury Crescent, Hove’, c1947 by CHH Burleigh (pictured).