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Heating the Home

This is a selection of objects used for heating together with some related trade catalogues and images showing this kind of equipment in use in the home. Until the middle of the nineteenth century the main sources of heat in most homes were fireplaces and stoves. Their maintenance was labour intensive and involved a wide range of tools and accessories. Later technological developments such as the introduction of gas and electricity, are represented by some of the nineteenth and twentieth-century objects shown here.

1600-1700 fire dog
1600-1700 fire dog
c.1650-1700 Poker
c.1650-1700 Fire tongs
c.1650-1700 Fire shovel
1650-1700 tongs
1650-1700 shovel
c.1690 bellows
1700-1750 fireback
c.1740 pole screen
c.1780-1820 fire shovel
c.1780-1820 fire tongs
Displaying records 1 to 12 of 52