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English Regional Chairs

This is a selection of chairs drawn from the Cotton Collection of English regional chairs, acquired by the Geffrye Museum, mainly by gift in 2002. The collection of around 400 chairs represents 35 years of study by Dr Bernard Cotton (Bill) and his wife Gerry, piecing together the evidence to link particular types of chairs or their structural and decorative features with a region or town and, if possible, to a maker or workshop.

c.1760 armchair
c.1780-1820 armchair
c.1780-1820 side chair
c.1780-1820 side chair
c.1790-1820 armchair
c. 1818 armchair
c.1820 side chair
c.1820 armchair
1820-1861 armchair
c.1830 armchair
c. 1841-1881 side chair
1841-1881 armchair
Displaying records 1 to 12 of 15