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Who we are


The museum became an independent charitable trust and a registered company limited by guarantee in April 1990, with full powers transferred in 1991. The Trust is supported financially by grant-aid from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, supplemented by earned income, donations and sponsorship.

The Trustees have responsibility for policy, financial accountability and the overall management of the museum. The Chairman and three Trustees are appointed by the Secretary of State for Culture. The remainder of the Board is self-electing with Trustees serving a period of three years before standing for re-election.

The Director, who is appointed Accounting Officer by the DCMS, is responsible to the Board of Trustees for the development of the museum and its day-to-day management. The Director and Heads of Department form the Management Team:

The Geffrye Team

Director, Strategy & Finance
Director, Development
Director, Capital Projects & Operations
Director, Collections, Learning & Engagement
Director, Communications & Commercial Development

As of March 2019 there are 39 staff (FTE: 31), of whom 27 are core, the remainder being project funded.

Trustees of the Geffrye Museum

Samir Shah, Chair (appointed in 2014)
Christine Chang Hanway (appointed in 2019)
John Forrester (co-opted in 2015)
Jonathan Newby (appointed in 2015)
Clare Gough (appointed in 2014)
Robert Ketteridge (appointed in 2019)
Alexandra Morris Robson (appointed in 2015)
Jeremy Newton (appointed in 2014)
Cynthia Polemis (appointed in 2015)
Edwina Sassoon (appointed in 2015)
Marilyn Scott (appointed in 2014)
Abigail Williams (appointed in 2015)