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Our future

The museum is changing – as well as our physical spaces, we are rethinking our ideas of home. Through exhibitions, programmes and partnerships, we want to explore all the different ways we live; as well as the impact of society on home. 

When we reopen in 2020 we’ll be a space for exploration, inspiration and challenging ideas. And of course a great day out!

What does home mean to you?

Home is universally relevant, but also deeply personal. Artist Jonathan Donovan explores how we create homes in many different ways in his No Place like Home series, which will be on display in the museum’s new home galleries.

Attached to this place

Sadhu is one of 18 monks living in a Hindu temple in London.  He has lived in the temple for 20 years and feels a special connection to the space, considering it his home. However, Sadhu explains, his spirituality means that any temple can be his home. 

All I want is a room somewhere

Fleeing the war in Syria, Nizar claimed asylum in the UK. While he adjusted to his new life, Pat, who was living with dementia, and her son offered him a home. Nizar's wife and children soon joined him. Their relationship with Pat grew from a caring arrangement to a family friendship. Together they made a life full of laughter and love.

My time, my energy

John led a community self-build project, helping to construct brand new homes with affordable rent. Alongside a full-time job, John learnt the practical skills needed to make a secure home for his family. As well as gaining new skills John benefited from the community created amongst the residents, as they relied on each other to build their homes.

We are fascinated by how people experience home. And we aim to inspire, provoke, encourage and challenge different meanings of home.

New spaces and new ideas

We’re opening up spaces never seen by the public before, and improving access and making much better use of existing spaces. 

£1million to go!

Please help us to raise the final £1 million.

This project costs £18m and we have already raised £17m. This came from: 

· National Lottery Heritage Fund

· Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

· Trusts and foundations

· Individuals 

Donate now at justgiving or call 020 7749 6006

When we reopen we invite you to use the museum as a place to discover and celebrate, reveal and rethink home together.

What does home mean to you?

We want to inspire everyone about the multiple meanings of home – past, present and future – through our displays of urban living rooms and gardens, special exhibitions and events, and our collections and the stories behind them.

Set in beautiful 18th-century almshouse buildings surrounded by lush gardens in Hoxton, the Geffrye is often described as an oasis in the heart of inner-city London. 

Explore the museum and gardens here

"Wonderful. Wonderful.  A real treasure - wish I had discovered it years ago - I will spread the word"

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